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The 16th Australian Space Research Conference (ASRC, formerly the Australian Space conference or ASSC), was held in Melbourne at the RMIT University City campus. This was the tenth ASRC jointly sponsored and organised by the National Committee for Space and Radio Science (NCSRS) and the National Space Society of Australia (NSSA), with the support of the Australian Space Research Institute (ASRI) and the Mars Society of Australia AMEC.

It was the third conference called ASRC, reflecting a change in emphasis to Space Research as a whole rather than Space Science in particular.

The ASRC is intended to be the primary annual meeting for Australian space research. It welcomes space scientists, engineers, educators, and workers from across the university, industry and government parts of the space sector, and is not limited to Australian-based research, International participants are most welcome.

The scope of the conference includes fundamental and applied research, operational matters, technology, and use of space data and facilities, including:

• Space science, including space and atmospheric physics, Earth observation and remote sensing from/of space, planetary sciences, astrobiology and life sciences, space-based astronomy and astrophysics, and exoplanets.
• Space engineering and technology, including communications, navigation, space operations, space materials, propulsion, and spacecraft design, testing, and implementation.
• Space industry and business
• Space Situational Awareness (SSA)
• Space archaeology and indigenous sky knowledge (or archeo-astronomy)
• Humanities and social aspects
• Use of space data, including EOS, GNSS, and communications
• Current and future Australian space projects
• Government, international relations and law
• Education and outreach, including a dedicated student session.
• Mars and Planetary Exploration

Read the press release by RMIT university about the conference.
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Conference Program

The compact version of the conference program is now available to peruse (September 23)..

Paper Submissions

We will accepting papers for the conference until November 5 . The sample paper format in MS-word may be found here. The sample format in LATEX may her found here.

Papers need to be mailed to