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Conference Program

The plenary speakers for the conference:
• Professor Frances Bagenal (University of Colorado) – “Exploration of the Outer Solar System: New Horizons at Pluto and Juno at Jupiter” (large file over 100 MB)
• Professor Kathleen Campbell (University of Auckland) - "Astrobiology of Hot Springs on Early Earth and Mars"
• Upulie Divisekera (Monash University) - “A new era of Space exploration”
• Dr Bradley Evans (Sydney University) - "Leveraging “Big Environmental Data” for Modelling Ecosystem Production in Space and Time" (file is 67 MB)
• Dr Gordon Frazer (Defence Science Technology Group) - "Wide field of view Surveillance of space”
• Dr Douglas Griffin (UNSW Canberra) – "The Engineering of Space Flight Programmes in the Australian Context: a sustainable model"
• Dr Eriita Jones (University of South Australia) – "Identifying Something Which Can’t Be Seen: Holistic Methodologies In The Search For Subsurface Water on Mars and Other Planets" (file is 54 MB)
• Dr Peter May (Bureau of Meteorology) - “Earth Observations from Space:  Critical information used by the Bureau for national benefit”
• Dr Robert Norman (RMIT University) "RMIT SPACE Research Centre – overview of past and present research endeavours"

The presentations for the plenary talks are now downloadable.

The full conference program is now available to peruse

A compact version of the conference program is also available.

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