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Plenary Speakers

The plenary speakers for the conference this year included:
  • Dr David Ciardi (Caltech University) - "NASA's Kepler Mission: Spawning a Revolution in Exoplanets and Beyond!"
  • Tara Djokic (Australian Centre for Astrobiology, University of NSW) - “Hydrothermal systems, early life on Earth and implications for astrobiology"
  • Professor Dietmar Muller (University of Sydney) - “Seafloor tectonic fabric mapping from satellite altimetry: a key for modelling solid Earth evolution through deep time”
  • Julia Mitchell (CRC Spatial Information) - “The SBAS Testbed Demonstration Project"
  • Dr Janaina Avila (Australian National University) - “The pre-solar history of solar system matter”
  • Dr Duane Hamacher (Monash University) - "Aboriginal observations of red-giant variable stars"
  • Professor Graziella Caprarelli (University of South Australia) – “A world of ice and fire: Mars Unravelled”
  • Professor Colin Waters (University of Newcastle) - “Probing the ionosphere with HF signals: Space weather results from SuperDARN”

The complete program (no abstracts) is available here.

The complete conference booklet (zipped form including abstracts) is available download here.

The complete conference booklet (including all abstracts) is available here.

Conference Program

The final program (6/11/2017) showing oral and poster sessions can be downloaded here.

The conference session schedule is below:
Conference Sessions