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The 18th Australian Space Research Conference (ASRC), was held at Gold Coast in Queensland over September 24-26 , 2018.

This was the Twelfth ASRC jointly sponsored and organised by the National Committee for Space and Radio Science (NCSRS) and the National Space Society of Australia (NSSA), with the support of the the Mars Society of Australia (MSA).

The ASRC is intended to be the primary annual meeting for Australian space research. It welcomes space scientists, engineers, educators, and workers from across the university, industry and government parts of the space sector, and is not limited to Australian-based research, International participants are most welcome.

The scope of the conference includes fundamental and applied research, operational matters, technology, and use of space data and facilities, including:

  • Applications involving Earth observations, GPS/GNSS, and Satcomms;
  • Current and future Australian space projects;
  • Education and outreach, including perhaps a dedicated student session;
  • Government, international relations and law;
  • Space archaeology and indigenous sky knowledge (or archeo-astronomy)
  • Space engineering and technology, including communications, navigation, operations, propulsion, systems, and spacecraft design, testing, and implementation;
  • Space industry, including hardware, services, and software;
  • Space situational awareness (SSA) & space weather;
  • Space science, including atmospheric physics, astrobiology and life sciences, Earth observations and remote sensing from/of space, planetary science, space-based astronomy and astrophysics, and space physics.

The conference was opened by the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Hon. Karen Andrews MP. For the full text of the Minister's opening speech please visit:
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The MSA 'David Cooper Memorial Lecture'

Details on the public lecture to held on the Monday night of September 24 are found here.

Conference Program

The program is developed from submitted abstracts from the space research community as well as plenary and invited talks.

The compact conference program with all session is now available.

The full program with all abstracts included is available here (24/09/18).

Submission of Written papers

We are accepting written papers for peer review from those who presented both oral and poster presentations at the recent conference. The guidelines document is available here.

Completed papers must be submitted via

The final date for these submissions is November 23, 2018.

Key Conference Contacts

Iver Cairns, University of Sydney - conference co-chair
Wayne Short, National Space Society of Australia - conference co-chair
Fred Menk, National Committee for Space and Radio Science - Program committee chair

Conference Sponsorship

We are supported for this conference by Gold Coast Business Events. Find out more about the Gold Coast at

Our conference media sponsor is Australian Defence Magazine. 2018 conference delegates will be get a complimentary copy of their August magazine - and the opportunity to get a regular subscription.

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