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Space Entrepreneurship's annual pitch competition

This year the 19th Australian Space Research Conference also includes the space entrepreneurship's annual pitch competition. Plans are for it to be held on either tuesday October 1 or wednesday October 2, 2019.

Called the 'Goldfish Tank' it's like 'Shark Tank' but friendlier, geared to helping the space startups get exposure and engage the community. There is a competitive selection process with six finalists getting pitch training and business plan support prior to presenting. The event is open to the public and several startups received millions of dollars investment through introductions in prior events.

Those eligible to enter are:
  1. Only pre-Series-A startups may apply.  
  2. Australian and NZ founded ventures only.  You don't need to be incorporated at the time of the entry but you must be Australian
  3. Companies must be Space entrepreneurs only.  

Dr Jason Held from Saber-Astro will be managing this process. Proposers need to send a 1-page business plan via the ASRC abstracts portal as a .pdf or .docx attachment the ASRC secretariat.

Semi-finalists selected from abstracts get training on the 1-pager as part of vetting.

Finalists get pitch training the day before the event

 GoldFish tank event itself has a panel of 3 expert judges.  There are investors in the room whom prefer anonymity at this point.