Welcome to the ASDC website

The 11th ASDC was held July 5 - 7 2010 in Adelaide, Australia.

Delegates will receive a CD containing all the presentations and a selection of photos from the event. The CDs will be mailed out in August.

The CD also contains contact details for all delegates who gave permission for their information to be included.

Any queries regarding the 11th ASDC should be directed to the secretariat: asdcsecretariat@nssa.com.au.

Thank you for your support of the conference, and we look forward to seeing you at the 12th ASDC. As always, www.asdc.nssa.com.au will contain the latest information about the next conferences. Details should start appearing about 9 months prior to the next conference (currently planned for 2012).

The programming and background information from the 11th conference remains on this website for reference.



About the conference series

Every two years the Australian Space Development Conference Series brings together space focused organisations to share ideas, renew relationships and forge new links for the future. In 2008 the theme was "making sustainable decisions" and speakers from industry and government discussed the way forward for Australia. In 2010, the conference will be focusing on the progress of the Australian Space Research Program and looking at ways to support and build the ASRP in coming years.

In 2010 the ASDC will host a technical conference in parallel with some of the ASDC sessions, to encourage more complete networking across the Australian space Industry. The "National Space Engineering Symposium" is the flagship conference of Engineers Australia's National Committee on Space Engineering.