The 1st Australian Space Development Conference (ASDC) was held in Sydney, August 24-46, 1990.

The 1st ASDC sought to bring together the diverse aspects of the Australian space industry to present an overall view of the multi-disciplinary field of space endeavour. The NSSA as a pro-space development organisation, took the initiative to organise the ASDC in hope that the Australian space community would take the next step forward - towards the establishment of a more braodly based space industry and a space community that had a greater awareness of its multi-faceted character.

The NSSA drew together a range of international and Australian speakers, including special guests; Lori Garver, Executive Director of the National Space Society, and Dr Buzz Aldrin, Apollo XI astronaut.

Friday, August 24th, 1990
 Opening Address  
 Mr Kirby Ikin  NSSA Ltd  Australia
 The Australian Space Program - An Overview  
 Dr Bruce Middleton Australian Space Office  Australia
 Space Science Applications  
 Mr Jeff Kingwell COSSA  Australia
 Morning Coffee    
 Current Satellite Insurance Market  
 Mr Brian Moore C.T. Bowring Space Projects  USA
 Mr Dick Nausch Marsh & McLennan Aviation  USA
 Joint Ventures & the Space Industry  
 Mr Frank Paton Sly & Weigall  Australia
 Luncheon Address    
 Hon. John Hannaford, MLA NSW Minister for State Devel.  Australia
 Trends in Space Development  
 Dr Gene Kopp Hughes Aircraft Company USA 
 Space Business Development  
 Dr Rod Ferrier Lotz Ferrier  Australia
 Afternoon Coffee    
 Sales Tax - The Hidden Cost  
 Mr Paul Warton Ernst & Young  Australia
 The Ariane Launch Vehicle Program  
 Mr Richard Bowles Arianespace  France
 Open Panel Discussion
 Cocktail Function    

Saturday, August 25th, 1990
 Space Business - Myth or Reality  
 Mr Scott Pace US Dept. of Commerce  USA
Space Risk Insurance - Australia's Role
 Mr Claudio Battilana GIO Reinsurance  Australia
 Morning Coffee    
 The Australian Ground Support Industry - An Overview  
 Mr Bill Barrett OTC  Australia
 The Need for an Australian Launch Vehicle  
 Mr Peter Winch Australian Launch Vehicles  Australia
 Luncheon Address    
 Ms Lori Garver National Space Society  USA
 International Treaties & Intellectual Property -
The Commercial Space Considerations
 Mr David jeffrey Baker & McKenzie  USA
 Cape York Spaceport - Current Development
 Mr Stephen Williams Essington Developments Australia 
 Afternoon Coffee    
 Future Directions in Space  
 Dr Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 Astronaut  USA
 NSSA Cocktail Reception    

Sunday, August 26th, 1990
 Mr Bill Chambers USBI  USA
 Small Satellites - Big Capabilities  
 Mr Ian Bryce Hawler de Havilland  Australia
 Space Camp - Training Ground for the Future  
 Ms Kerrie Dougherty Powerhouse Museum  Australia
 Morning Coffee    
 Astrotech - Commercial Payload Processing Leader  
 Mr Richard Wolf Astrotech Space Operations  USA
 Microgravity Processing & Re-entry Capsules
 Mr Dennis Burnett Haight,Gardener,Poor& Havens  USA
 Flinders - A Regional Utility Platform  
 Mr Roger Franzen Auspace Ltd  Australia
 Human Exploration of the Moon and Mars
 Mr Richard Colonna NASA  USA
 Afternoon Coffee    
Space Education - A Vital Link to our Future  
 Ms Sylvia Byers NSSA  Australia
 Open Panel Discussion  
 Closing Remarks    
 Mr Kirby Ikin ASDC Chairman / NSSA   Australia
 Conference Close    
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