Two of the more difficult questions that we have to answer as the National Space Society of Australia are "What do we believe in?" and "What are our policies and goals?". These are never easy questions to answer, and necessarily require broad statements to be made that cater for an ever changing environment. In the United States, the National Space Society (our parent organisation), states that its ultimate goal is the:

"Creation of a spacefaring civilisation with human communities beyond the Earth".

This is a very sweeping statement trying to explain the long term vision of the Society— the "Big Picture". It is however a statement, that the National Space Society of Australia (NSSA) has adopted and shares as its common goal. This leap however to a 'spacefaring civilisation', will not happen overnight. It may take another 20 years or it may take another 500 years, but it is a goal that the Chapters of the National Space Society around the world, believe is both achievable and necessary. The effort to reach that vision of the future begins with small steps though. Every country, every Chapter, and every member can work towards that goal in their own way. In Australia of course, we work within our own borders, and promote the NSSA's vision to our own community, as an independent, self-governed, grass-roots organisation, free of any external bias or control.
Over the time that the NSSA has been operating in Australia, we have developed our own activities to cater for three distinct areas of activism:
1. M E M B E R S H I P
Information and activities benefiting the interests and needs of the members.

2. G E N E R A L  P U B L I C
Information and activities promoting an interest and understanding of the benefits of space exploration and space development within the general public, and especially among students who may find careers in this field.

3. I N D U S T R Y  &  G O V E R N M E N T
Information and activities that promote the development of an active program of space exploration and development with our own domestic space industry and through government policy and support.
Throughout our publications and activities, we continually refer to a range of terms that we use to explain what it is that we are trying to achieve in pursuit of our ultimate goal. Some of these terms include:

S P A C E  D E V E L O P M E N T

Any activity that responsibly uses space derived technology or the space environment to advance and improve the medical, scientific, environmental, communications or social standing of the human race as a whole.

S P A C E  E X P L O R A T I O N

Any activity that increases our knowledge and understanding of our planet and the universe in which it exists using remote sensing, robotic or human means of space exploration.

S P A C E  E D U C A T I O N
Any activity that uses 'space' as the catalyst for a greater understanding of the multiplicity of subjects and issues that affect the human race.
Any activity or event that promotes 'space' and the goals of the Society to a wider audience in an effort to develop greater understanding and support for such goals.

Any activity that supports the goals of the Society through the efforts of persons individually or as a group.

Through NSSA's activism, the Society hopes to achieve three major short to medium term goals:
  1. Attracting new members to the Society, both in an effort to better serve the interests and needs of those persons with an enthusiasm and interest in 'space', and to utilise that enthusiasm through volunteer efforts in pursuit of the Society's long term goals.
  2. To develop wide spread support for the exploration and development of space, through pro-active campaigns of space education, from the school level to the broader general public.
  3. To promote the development of a vigorous and coordinated national space program, by supporting the activities of the domestic space industry, and through the development of better communications lines between the domestic space industry and the state and federal governments.

All of the statements made above are merely the broadest examples of what the National Space Society of Australia is trying to achieve, and have much greater depth than can be simply stated here

The "creation of a spacefaring civilisation with human communities beyond the Earth" is as much a philosophy, as it is an ultimate goal. We invite you to participate in the activities of the Society as we continue...


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