The National Space Society was established in the United States on March 8, 1986. The merger of two already very active space organisations; the National Space Institute (NSI, formerly the National Space Association) and the L5 Society. Both groups had been operating since the mid 1970s at a time when the space program was being dramatically scaled back. With the end of the Apollo/Moon program in 1972, the space program was seen as having few new goals to achieve, public opinion critical of continued space ventures.

With a lack of clear political direction and with the Space Shuttle program still many years away, numerous space 'activist' groups sprang up to promote a new and more vigorous space effort and to highlight the benefits of space exploration to the public, industry and government.

From among the many groups formed, the National Space Institute and the L5 Society emerged as the two leading pro-space organisations. Both groups were well supported by members of the general public and had the backing of many well recognised professionals from the media, scientific, academic and astronautical communities.
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Ad Astra ("To the Stars") is the award-winning magazine of the National Space Society, featuring the latest news in space exploration and stunning full-color photography. It is published quarterly and mailed to all National Space Society members as part of their membership benefits, as well as to subscriber libraries, schools, and businesses.
With more than 25,000 members worldwide, the National Space Society has emerged as the world's leading pro-space organisation. It continues to grow in pursuit of its goals through the advocacy of members in many nations and the support of such persons as "Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, Harrison Schmitt, Ben Bova, Dan Brandenstein, Tom Cruise, Bruce Boxleitner, Tom Hanks, Newt Gingrich, Nichelle Nichols" and thousands of people around the planet just like you!

The National Space Society has an informative website at where you can keep up with the latest space developments, talk with an astronaut, give your opinion on space policy or purchase your piece of space.

When you join the NSSA and subscribe to AD-ASTRA magazine, you are automatically made a member of NSS at no extra cost!!

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