By joining the National Space Society of Australia (NSSA), your support makes it possible for us to:

  • Generate public interest and support for space exploration and development;
  • Encourage space-related research and activities by private industry;
  • Maximise government support for developing the space frontier and invigorating the economy;
  • Promote and support educational efforts that will ensure an adequate talent pool in the 21st century.
  • If you love the idea of space exploration...track the latest innovations ... study the accomplishments of Space Age luminaries and legends and share in the thrill of their discoveries...then you'll want to be part of the NSSA.

The NSSA is a community of people who advocate the creation of a spacefaring civilization; understand the benefits that accrue from space exploration; promote further probing of the next frontier; and encourage commercial space enterprise, research, and development.

You can be a part of a dynamic community which comes together to discuss the latest issues and initiatives, that fosters the exploration of new ideas and discoveries, promotes a continued and prudent investment in our space program, and supports the commercial private sector development of space.
As a member of the National Space Society of Australia, your benefits include

  • Orbit in high-flying circles with NSSA networking opportunitIes. Gain access to the world's leading space scientists and engineers, NASA administrators, commercial space entrepreneurs, and key members of government and industry through NSSA-sponsored conferences, seminars, and briefings.
  • Be a part of a local Chapter where activities include lectures with top scientists, policymakers and astronauts, workshops, slide presentations, films, and other informative and exciting events.
  • Set your trajectory to the stars with subscriptions to space-related publications. Opt for a subscription to the award-winning magazine, Ad Astra ("to the stars") published by our parent organisation. Fuel your interest with articles and news stories that keep you up-to-date on international space programs, commercial space endeavours, new technologies, recent scientific achievements, and perceptive glimpses into a remarkable future.

Become part of this highly-informed group of space enthusiasts, supporters, and scientists and enter the gateway to the next frontier. Start your journey "to the stars" today!

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