While our ultimate goal of "creating a spacefaring civilisation" may be decades or even centuries away, members of the National Space Society have found ways to participate in that future, today!

By developing their own unique Chapter Projects, our members are making their mark on the future development of the space frontier. These Projects are as diverse as programs of public and student outreach, to the development of ground-stations, micro-satellites and launch vehicles. National Space Society Chapters around the world, aim to give their members a hands-on space experience by challenging the idea that 'space exploration and development is the exclusive domain of major corporations or government agencies'.

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Demonstrating a rocket engine at the Central Coast Space Expo
The NSSA through its local chapters and national executive over the past two decades has been involved in many exciting space related projects in Australia such as:

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Astronaut Dave Scott speaks at an ASDC in Sydney
Co-sponsored talks in Australia by noted astronauts and space scientists and researchers such as: Buzz Aldrin, Dave Scott, Andy Thomas, Harrison (Jack) Schmitt, Robert Zubrin, Seth Shoshtak, James R. Hansen, Mitchell Schulte.

There are literally no limits to the types of activities that can be undertaken, it only requires and idea and the dedication and vision to see it through. If you have an idea for a space-related project that your Chapter can undertake, then why not approach your local President or organising committee about it.

Who knows, perhaps your idea will be the next small step that leads us towards our "spacefaring civilisation".