The National Space Society of Australia has members across the country. To best serve those members, most states have created their own regional Chapters, known as a SPACE FRONTIER SOCIETY (SFS).

The SFS' are responsible for organising local activities for their members, such as meetings and social outings, and for pursuing those activities which best advance the Society's goals.

Through the Chapter Officers and with the support of pro-active members, the SFS' undertake the organisation of public outreach programs, events, displays, talks and meetings in their local communities.

Many Chapters are also pursuing their own specific space challenges or projects. These projects take many forms, such as building a micro-satellite, creating educational programs or developing an automated asteroid-hunting telescope.

When you join the National Space Society of Australia, you are automatically linked to the Chapter closest to your location (although can you specify a Chapter if you like). The Chapter is advised of your details and will then forward you further details of their activities.

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Apart from all of the standard benefits that NSSA members receive, many of the Chapters provide additional benefits such as monthly meetings, local newsletters, social activities and more.
Members can participate in the activities of their Chapter as much as they like. You may consider joining the Chapter committee, helping to run a public outreach activity, or just enjoy being a member.

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Complete list of National Space Society chapters

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