If participation in humanity's growth to reach its full potential on earth and in space gives you a sense of exhilaration and accomplishment, then you should become a member of the National Space Society of Australia.

National Space Society of Australia members are working to increase our efforts in all aspects of the exploration and development of space. As part of this dedicated group of individuals, you will communicate the importance of space to all levels of society, from the halls of government to schools and meetings in communities across the country.

National Space Society of Australia members are concerned about both human and robotic space activities. As a member you will follow the progress of national and international programs as well as development of private enterprise and scientific research on the space frontier.

Find out what is going on today and what will happen tomorrow!
R E G U L A R  M E M B E R S H I P - $50.00 per year
Regular membership means all aspects of the NSSA such as regular Chapter meetings, special events, chapter outings and member tickets to NSSA Conferences such as the Australian Space Development and Australian Space Research Conference.

You will also be part of the international community with over 50 international chapters of the National Space Society and help promote space exploration and development in your community and around the world.

S T U D E N T / C O N C E S S I O N   M E M B E R S H I P - $25.00 per year

The same benefits as regular membership category but at a discount rate for students and pensioners and concession card-holders.

All above rates include GST and are effective from May 2014.

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