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L. Fogarty, Sydney Institue for Astrophysics, School of Physics, Univers
*J. Bland-Hawthorn
*I. H. Cairns
*X. Wu
*C. Betters
*J. Funamoto
*S. G. Leon-Saval
*A. Monger
*S. Xiao
The i-INSPIRE Satellite

Victor Fok, DSTO
David M. Lingard, DSTO
*David Clark, DSTO
Using a Genetic Algorithm to Optimise Maritime Surveillance Performed by Space-based Sensors

Alan Forghani, Murray Darling Basin Authority
Anisul Islam, Murray Darling Basin Authority
Richard Moxham, Murray Darlnig Basin Authority
Jason Alexandra, Murray Darling Basin Authority
The application of remote sensing to assess water quality monitoring in the Murray Darling Basin

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